Forex managed accounts

Carefully managed risk

With our advanced trading system, we provide managed forex accounts, We have a trend trading method designed to give stable profit under a longer period of time, although they can never eliminate the possibility of loss.

Openness and Security

To start trading with us goes in 3 simple steps:
  1. Open an account with a Forex broker.
  2. Transfer money from your account to your Forex broker account.
  3. Once the money is transferred to the Forex broker account, we will start the trading from the account and do all the monitoring.
We are very strict in security policies and openness to our clients. The only one who can access and transfer money to and from the account at the Forex and stockbroker is you as a customer.
Client Testimonial
Ttdna has done it again. Their low-risk high reward forex managed account is one the best I’ve seen in the market. Try them for amazing results.
– E. Mogashoa 

Forex Managed Accounts

Trend Trading Managed Account – Financial Freedom-
How to start trading:
  1. Register for the Live account online with our broker
  1. Contact us after that.
Trading Rules:
– Your agreed Risk would be 30% of Deposit Money, not greater than 1.500 EUR.
– Minimum deposit 5.000 EUR or USD
– Up to one standard lot traded, max risk per trade 75-150$, rare overnight positions.

Performance and management fee

Our one time annual management fee – 250$
Monthly performance fee 30% (based on a high water-mark) for a 5.000$ account, 25% for a 10.000$ account, 20% for the accounts above 10.000$

Our performance

Trading performance

More about our trading  method

We love to tell much more about our methods. The simplest way to get more information is to set up a meeting with us, either in person or via the e-mail or skype: quinotaur.fx and we will explain more about our products.


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